A Game Developer's Diary

My experiments as a game developer
Orlando, Florida

Viper Engine: That game engine I always wanted to build


Almost all game developers would remember some of those games they played when they were a kid, the ones that ignited a spark inside them to be a game developer. I have a couple of those games like Prince of Persia (the classic) and Dangerous Dave. From the very first time I played them I wanted to be a game programmer.

When I started reading more about programming in general, I was drawn towards software design. In the game world, nothing epitomizes software design more than a game engine. Game engines are challenging in terms of design, implementation and technology. I’ve had my fair share of failed attempts at making frameworks and engines for even the tiniest of games I wanted to write. Now that my full focus is on game development and have a good experience in software development I am starting a project to create a game engine. This will be an ongoing project where I try new things I learn from my course as well as from reading and research. I’m sure it will undergo tonnes of changes over time. For now it’s a good start. A link to the project’s source code is available in the projects section of this website. The latest source code can be found in my github repository