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FIEA Portfolio

In search of a master portfolio piece

FIEA was the number 1 game development masters program in the world according to Princeton Review 2016. Which means, I had my work cut out and create a portfolio piece which really stands out.

The main requirements of the portfolio were:

  1. Code should be preferrably in C++
  2. Simulation / Games are given higher weightage
  3. Code quality and standards will be evaluated

The best option that came to my mind was to implement a simple 2D physics simulation in C++. I have done a simple verlet integration physics implementation in the past using Javscript and HTML5 and that made it an ideal candidate. The recommended reading from FIEA had C++ books focusing on modern C++ and hence I decided to use some C++ 11 features in the code as well. The end result was an interesting 2 weeks of learning and implementaion with a good portfolio project.

The source code for this project can be found here.