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My experiments as a game developer
Orlando, Florida

Rapid Prototype: Afterlife



Afterlife is a co-op platformer for mobile devices where the players help a ghost who was awakened during halloween to get back to its grave. The game uses augmented reality technology to spawn platforms in the game world.

Gameplay and features

One player holds the phone and controls the ghost while the other player uses a cube which has different images on its sides and shows the required side to the mobile device’s camera. The levels are designed to challenge both the players, starting from levels with simple spawning of a platform to levels where both the players have to work in tandem with each other to spawn platforms one after the other in quick successions. Some levels also have multiple paths to the target where one might be slightly tougher than the others.

Technology and my contribution

The game was made by a 6 member team in 2 weeks as a prototype using Unity 5.4 and Vuforia AR plugin for unity. I was one of the two programmers in the team and my focus was more on the AR plugin integration and creating modular prefabs to help producers create levels quickly.