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My experiments as a game developer
Orlando, Florida

Rapid Prototype: The Morning After

The Morning After


Video Games started in the early days with just pure gameplay experiences with little or no story about the player or the world at all. Over the years games have evolved to a point where almost all of them have some sort of a background story about why the player doing what he/she is doing and what the world is all about. MorningAfter was done with story telling as the focus point.

Gameplay and features

The player starts at the door of an apartment and then figures out what happened the previous night. Environmental story telling was used to help players find out what happneded through interactions with objects in the environment. The original idea was to make the main character’s gender identity neutral so that anyone can play and relate it to themselves. Since the prototype had to be made in 2 weeks along with other regular course work we had to cut the scope and stick to a gender.

Technology and my contribution

The team behind this game had 6 members with two programmers including myself. The game was built using Unity 3D 5.2 using C#. I worked primarily on creating configurable environmental interaction components which can be reused / extended for multiple interaction types. Some of the gameplay interactions which I impelemented were sliding doors which close and open, laptop screens which displayed full screen image etc. I implemented a camera zooming panning system which focuses on the interacting object. I also worked on a color glowing effect which highlights the interacting object by pulsing its material color intensity.