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My experiments as a game developer
Orlando, Florida

Rapid Prototype: Kicking Plushies

Kicking Plushies


This game was created from our team’s interest to work with virtual reality. The team had 5 members - 2 artists, 2 programmers and 1 producer. From our individual interactions with VR prior to the project, we all have experienced that even simplest of gestures and interactions can be really fun in VR. Keeping this as the focus, we decided to make a hoarde / wave survival game where you will be attacked by a horde of plushy toys.

Gameplay and features

The game will start with a small wave of plushy toy bears running towards you and attacking from all the sides, with each wave spawning tougher plushy toy enemies. The player can pickup one of the two weapons lying on the ground, a club and a hammer, and beat the enemies. The player can hit the enemies slow, knock them off into distance and grab throw them. These interactions make the game fun to play in VR.

Technology and my contribution

The game was built using Unreal Engine 4.12 and this was my first time using the Unreal Engine. I worked on VR interactions and enemy spawn logic to dynamically create waves of enemies with different traits. One of the new things I worked on during this project was creating skeletal mesh sockets attaching dynamically spawned equipment to those. More interesting interactions and boss fights were planned but the scope was reduced because of the two week time frame.