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Project Ghost Chamber

Project Ghost Chamber


This project is one of the most unique projects I worked on while I was at FIEA. This project was done as part of a course at FIEA which focuses on Games / interactive simulations outside of entertainment realm. The course had a lot of interesting educational games from different teams. Project Ghost Chamber was done by a team of 5, 3 programmers, 1 producer and an artist.


We started the project as an interactive hologram plugin for the AutoCAD software. We used Kinect libraries in C# .NET to write plugins for AutoCAD which lets users move, rotate and zoom the autocad workspace using hand gestures. As a next step, the autocad models were streamed via a desktop capture software written in C++. The streamer software modified the image and duplicated it into 4 sections, so that we can use a pyramid glass chamber which produced holograms of the model in AutoCAD. As a final step we built another chamber which was more compact and integrated Raspberry Pi and a couple of projectors to create a more portable and self contained hologram display unit. The software running in Raspberry Pi is a simple OpenGL renderer and UDP server. A mobile application built using Unreal Engine, loaded the same models as the Raspberry Pi and communicated transform data of the active model to the Raspberry Pi server. This lets users control the models displayed in the chamber via the phone app.

Technology and my contribution

I was involved in creating design of the C# plugin project and implementation of some kinect commands and gestures. I also developed the mobile application in Unreal Engine and learned quite a bit about Unreal’s socket classes and how it can be used to create client application talking to regular C sockets based servers. The client - server system also had an autodiscovery feature within a LAN. The source code for this project is available here.

The final presentation of the project can be viewed here: