A Game Developer's Diary

My experiments as a game developer
Orlando, Florida




Dreadnought is a spaceship combat flight simulator for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. Players can select ships, customize loadouts and unlock better ships and upgrades as they play more and gain credits and experience. There are multiple game modes and most of them involve you playing in a team with other players. The game has a moba like element to it and requires players to choose the right ships as a team to support each other.

What I worked on

The game is built in Unreal Engine, using both C++ and blueprints. I worked on this project for about 4 months. I worked on the following:

  • My inital tasks in this project was fixing UI issues in Scaleform and UMG UI widgets. This involved understanding using Scaleform plugin with Unreal Engine and also got some exposure to UMG widgets.
  • I was also involved some dev support activities, writing scripts and tools for improving daily developer workflows such as optimizing game cook times using SSD and automate SWF publishing for Scaleform etc.
  • Another important part of my tasks were merging source code changes between multiple repositories and help integrate the changes we make and bring in new features from other studios working on this project. This also partly involved handling some build support requests.
  • I worked on a prototype for hot reloading textures and UI assets so that iteration of UI changes is made faster. This however was a very complicated task, and after spending some time researching and trying to prototype (with a partial success in reloading UMG textures), was kept on hold because of other project priorities. Nonetheless, this was a wonderful learning experience in understanding how Unreal Engine loads assets and caches them and how it handles object creation from these assets.

This gave me a great experience working on a AAA level game with development teams spread across the globe and taught me a lot about how such development efforts are managed and also taught me a great deal technically.